A blood test that detects cancer years before symptoms appear

In the treatment of cancer In one of the most important factors affecting the success of therapy is the speed of detection of lesions. A new type of non-invasive test has brought sł promising results in early-stage studies. This brings us closer to developing a method that ra will allow for accurate results in research using a simple blood test that ry can be performed during a routine visit to the doctor’s office.

Grail researchers shared their findings at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) meeting, the world’s largest oncology conference, kt ra was held in Chicago. They revealed that they have successfully tested a new method of cancer detection In more than 120 patients b patients with lung, breast and prostate cancer.

Grail was founded in 2016 and has received powerful financial backing from business notables such as Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates. In March, company executives announced that they had obtained a total of more than 900 million in dollars support.

Currently, the best method to confirm cancer r, is a biopsy. But performing biopsies is painful, invasive, risky and in many cases impossible. Besides, the procedure is performed when cancer is already suspected.

The new method involves looking in the blood for pieces of in DNA from tumor-derived. It had already been discovered that com cancer cells release small fragments of their DNA into the bloodstream. This is the so-called. cell-free circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA).

– Our research indicates that detection of circulating tumor DNA in the bloodstream is possible and can provide us with invaluable knowledge for making appropriate clinical decisions without the need to take pr bek – said Pedram Razavi of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, who ry directed research in Grail.

The company now plans to test its j test on thousands of volunteers healthy and diseased cells to identify he different characteristics of circulating tumor DNA in the blood .