Cows hold the key to defeating HIV?

American researchers have observed in kr In an incredible ability to fight the HIV virus. The researchers say that their complex digestive system is responsible for this, kt ry enabled them to develop a sophisticated immune system. The animals rapidly produce a special type of antibody, which the ry can neutralize the HIV virus.

HIV is a tough opponent. This is due to its continuous mutations. Each time a patient’s immune system finds a way b to the virus, this one is altered and the immune response does not result in a. However, there is a small proportion of patients in whom rich organisms after years of infection have developed an effective response.

HIV is a virus that ry attacks the human immune system causing AIDS – composite Acquired immunodeficiency. Virus isolated in the 1980s., But the first mention of its occurrence came in the late 1960s. It attacks the head of nie T lymphocytes, which re are the body’s first line of defense against sorts of diseases. As the virus spreads through the body, it devastates a person’s immune system, putting them at risk of death if they contract a trivial condition, which rego healthy organism m heads may not even notice.

Researchers hope that with the help of kr will succeed in creating a vaccine that ra could teach the immune system to produce antibodies that neutralize the virus. Such a vaccine should prevent further infections.

Scientists from the International Aids Vaccine Initiative and the Scripps Research Institute are behind the discovery. They were stunned by what happened when the spr They immunize cows. Immunization is a stimulating mechanism in the body’s immune system to trigger a response.

– The response of the immune system kr has brought us to our knees – admitted Dr. Devin Sok, one of the scientists of the involved in the research. The required antibodies were produced by the cow’s immune system in a matter of weeks. – It was just crazy. In humans, the immune system produces such antibodies within three to five years. Who would have thought that the biology of kr makes a significant contribution to the fight against HIV – added Sok.

The results, published in the journal Nature, showed that cow antibodies can neutralize 20 percent of the. strain HIV in 42 days. Within 381 days, the antibodies neutralized 96 percent of the. strain in the virus during testing in the lab. – Such a strong response is unusual. Unlike human antibodies, those from kr can develop unique traits that re gaining the upper hand against the virus – explained Dr. Dennis Burton, kt ry has also been involved in research.

Scientists’ discovery opens the way for the development of effective therapies against this disease. This could create vaccines to protect against contagion. They can Also develop preparations to treat those already infected. Cow’s way b for the production of antibodies can also be used to fight other diseases.