Old varieties of cereals return to favor

Quinoa, amaranth, wheat: flatbread, semolina and spelt, as well as millet – these are nutrient- and mineral-rich old varieties of cereals that are currently experiencing a renaissance, nutritionist Sandra Ataniel tells PAP.

Grain products were at the base of the food pyramid until recently, and, according to the expert, although they have now been supplanted by fruits and vegetables, but that doesn’t mean they are less important. They should still be the main ne source a source of energy – along with vegetables and fruits – because they are an excellent source of energy carbohydrate, are rich in B vitamins B1 and B2, as well as folic acid and niacin.

Cereals are also the main In cereal products dłem of dietary fiber, which ry reduces the risk of developing many diseases b civilization in this m.in. cancer in the gastrointestinal tract, helps maintain body weight, reduces cholesterol absorption or the occurrence of constipation.

In cereal products we support he early predominant crops are common wheat, rye, triticale, barley, buckwheat or oats, but – Due to the pandemic of obesity and disease b of civilization – there is a visible return t to old varieties of zb t, known for several thousand years. – The consumer is looking for new functional foods, including these new, but actually old zb ¿ – m i Ataniel.

Sw j renaissance are currently experiencing m.in. quinoa, amaranth, old varieties of wheat: flatbread, semolina, or spelt, as well as millet.

– Quinoa and amaranth, are very old cereals, which They are already 4 thousand. Years ago, they were known as such, which re gave strength and fortitude. So this already proves that they have a really high nutritional value. It is worth using them,” admits the specialist.

According to her, quinoa is a very high dose of protein, which re is very similar to animal protein. Products made from it are recommended, for example. for wasps b being on a plant-based diet, or for athletes. – As for amaranth, which ry is actually a pseudo-cereal, its seeds contain a huge dose of iron. It will be a very valuable product in the diet of patients with anemia, pregnant women, os b the elderly, and all those who Fans need a higher dose of iron,” stresses the nutritionist.

Opr cz that these cereals are very rich in flavonoids, substances that re have antioxidant activities. – They sweep free radicals from our body, so they help automatically protect us from cancer, op To reduce the aging process, increase immunity,” adds Ataniel. Old varieties of wheat are also coming back into favor: flatbread, small spelt and spelt.

– These old varieties, by virtue of the fact that they require a much smaller amount of in the middle of in plant protection, have automatically less impurities, but also have a much higher nutritional value. They contain more protein, more fiber and vitamins, the expert emphasizes.

Flat wheat and small spelt are primarily sources of A grain of silicon necessary for the proper maintenance of the condition of the sk ry, hair or nails. Opr cz that these old grains contain almost five times more vitamin B2, responsible for the nervous system and for the proper development of the mucous membranes throughout the body. Regular consumption of spelt benefits the cardiovascular system and lowers cholesterol, while millet benefits the stomach and strengthens the kidneys.

The use of old cereals ¿ is very wide. Most of them can be used to make porridge, flakes, flour for baking organic bread. With some They are used for coffee or alcohol production. – Most of them can be used, as can wsp lczes cereals, to prepare dinner. In contrast, for example, millet groats, which ra is from millet or quinoa are great for dessert, because they have a slightly sweet aftertaste,” admits a nutritionist.

As she pointed out, in addition, amaranth and quinoa, like millet, are gluten-free cereals. – It is certainly an ingredient that ry should be included in the diet of people b np. with celiac disease – they are gluten-free, but have a very high nutritional value,” adds the.

At the same time, the expert stressed that one should always remember that the important The diversity in the choice of products, because only in this way b we are able to provide the body with all the nutrients it needs. – We don’t have such perfect products in, kt re would be the source of dłem completely all the vitamins and components in mineral – she noted.