How to survive the holidays – a guide

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, it’s food, food and more food. Two i p ł day of communing with pierogies, borscht or mushroom soup, bigos, cheesecake or poppy seed cake. Already on the morning of the second day of Christmas, we sit behind the table, staring blankly at carp in jelly, a pile of cold cuts and apple cider. Not surprisingly, for many Poles this Christmas is a real „survival”.

How not to get fat after Christmas

Experts give us Christmas dispensation – On holidays we can indulge ourselves more than usual. It is known that food is different on holidays, but if we do not eat cosmic amounts, we should be fine. If we only overeat at Christmas, and didn’t eat too much between Christmas and Easter, no one would be fat – m i dr hab. Agnieszka Szadkowska from the Department of Pediatrics, Oncology, Hematology and Diabetology, 1st Department of Pediatrics, Medical University of Lodz, Poland.

The problem of Polish holidays is not the number of dishes on the table, but their huge supply of. – We Poles always have this problem that we produce so much of this food that we still eat it two weeks after Christmas. And after all, it is possible to bake two small, rather than two large cakes. And for the holidays it will be enough for us, and then, after Christmas, they will be gone. – m i dr hab. Szadkowska.

R nie important for surviving Christmas without catching extra pounds are walking. It can’t be that breakfast seamlessly turns into lunch and lunch into dinner, and we’re still sitting behind the table. – Moms tend to move around as they prepare food, while children, dads often sit around. They should clean up on the table and then take the whole family for a walk. There should be three hours of rest between meals, one hour of which should be spent on movement – adds Dr. hab. Szadkowska.

How to avoid Christmas heartburn

One of the more serious problems The health problem that can affect us during the holidays is heartburn. Burning in the esophagus appears, When we eat too much fatty and fried foods, hot spices, acidic foods and when we drink alcohol. – Of course, there are some people who re able to eat p ł pot of bigos and they are fine. And if someone knows he is prone to heartburn he has two choices. Or eat foods that re harm him very little, on a pr bowania, or take medications, supplements, kt re help with digestion or heartburn – m i dr hab. Szadkowska.

When you’ve eaten too much, you can take measures containing Dry extract of artichoke, peppermint, fennel, black turnip, turmeric, but you can use also probiotics.

Over-the-counter medications that inhibit gastric acid secretion and medications containing calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate will help with heartburn.

According to some rych publications, in heartburn many people are relieved by drinking milk or non-carbonated mineral water – The drinks neutralize and flush the acidic content entering the esophagus. What’s most important in preventing heartburn, however – don’t overeat! High-volume meals cause stretching of the stomach walls, which results in reduced tension in the lower esophageal sphincter and promotes the occurrence of this ailment.