Dr. Podgorski: available preparations for weight loss in most cases do not work

The preparations available on the market for people who want to reduce body weight in most cases do not work, says PAP Dr. Tomasz Podgorski of the Academy of Physical Education in Poznań. He also explains why products like "light" do not help lose weight.

According to Dr. Thomas Podgorski from the Department of Biochemistry at the Academy of Physical Education in Poznań, the preparations available on the market designed for os b who want to reduce their body weight in most cases do not work. – There are two reasons: first, the amount of active ingredient in the formula is too low to lead to real metabolic changes; second, the active ingredient may not work at all" – m i Dr. Podgorski.

An example is one of the popular organic compounds In chemical – L-carnitine. – They use it zar no people who want to lose excessive pounds, as Also – athletes. Unfortunately, the studies conducted showed that the preparation simply does not work," said Dr. Podgorski.

There are also many preparations on the Polish market of plant origin, which re supposed to support the process of weight loss. They contain m.In. cayenne pepper or caffeine. – Regarding caffeine, it has indeed been shown to have slight weight-loss properties. In the case of other preparations In the long run, such an effect has not been proven," noted the biochemist.

The scientist also warns against products like "light" or "light", when our intention is to lose weight.

– It has been proven that people who eat or drink beverages of "light" As a rule, they have more fat mass than people who eat or drink regular foods. This is because we cannot cheat our m in the long run zgu. It is accustomed to a combination of two ch basic functions: the sweetness of a given food product with its caloric. In the case of cheating m zg through low-calorie yet sweet products, after a while we just eat these products in much more than normal," he explained.

In the assessment of Podgorski, beautifully packaged and loudly advertised supplements or "light" products will not contribute to weight loss. – The only right choice is, first, a proper diet, and second, increasing physical activity, he added.

The scientist warned that many of the diets promoted in the mass-media may even be dangerous to health. These include, for example. diets: ketogenic or high-protein. – Long-term use of these diets can lead to organ damage – gł e are not able to eat the same products," he said.

In the opinion of Dr. Podg rski person who re they want to lose a few kilos should not believe in the existence of the so-called. universal diet, which ra to everyone will bring similar effects. – The ideal solution would be to consult a nutritionist, do basic blood laboratory tests, and then adjust the appropriate diet for the person, he concluded.