Do cell phones harm?

Studies on the effects of electromagnetic fields emitted by cell phones on the human body have not led to the identification of clearly harmful impacts. However, special care should be taken with children.

At the same time, it points out that these are impacts at such levels of p l, which re are consistent with current legal standards.

– In Poland, these permissible levels of p l electromagnetic emissions are many times lower than in most other countries, including European ones,” adds Slawomir Hausman.

The expert stresses that research in this area has been carried out for several decades, and although so far it has not shown the harmfulness of this type of radiation, it must continue to be carried out.

– Certainly, all the mechanisms of these interactions are not yet understood – m Dr. Slawomir Hausman.

Tissues exposed to radiation can heat up

The expert admits that the study of the impact of radio waves on the human body, especially at such power levels, such levels of p l that we have to deal with in com The phone is very difficult. If only because it is extremely difficult today to find a group of por The reason is that almost everyone uses either a phone or a mobile phone com rkowe, or are under the influence of p l approaching from base stations.

In his opinion, the only electromagnetic field interaction that has been well studied to date is the thermal interaction.

– Our body tissues exposed to RF radiation can heat up. As phone users in the com If you use a phone, you are not actually able to observe it. On the other hand, objective studies show that body temperature in the vicinity of the phone com rkowe after prolonged use, it can pick up e.g. by 0.1 degree Celsius, which is the degree to which the In the case of children, I would therefore recommend first and foremost not allowing such prolonged use of the phone – emphasized Dr. Slawomir Hausman.

Since com phones rkowe phones are usually held close to the head, in many of their users there are concerns that perhaps this increases the likelihood of cancer in m zgu. Is it due to the intensive use of phones in a com The risk is indeed?

It is worth moving the phone 2-3 cm away

Research in this direction was conducted by WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer.

– It turned out that there is no direct relationship demonstrable, between the use of the phone in the com rkowe, and glioma – m i expert.

Nonetheless, he advises that when using phone in mobile phones rkowych exercise restraint and follow the precautionary principle, so do not talk on com phones rkowe more than necessary and do not hold the camera closer to the body than necessary.

– Even a distance of 2-3 cm significantly reduces the intensity of the field, while if we use the loudspeaker function ing and the phone a dozen or more centimeters away In addition, the risk of radiation from the body’s own radiation absorption will be significantly reduced – argues Dr. Hausman.

Com rki for children under special supervision

The expert admits that legitimate concerns may relate to the impact of telephone in rkowe on children.

– The child’s body is built differently. Bone tissue is more hydrated, and the bone tissues of a child’s skull are thinner. Therefore, I would recommend with children, first of all, not to allow such prolonged use of the phone in the com The same applies to children as it does to adults. I would also suggest teaching children to hold the phone com rkowe at a certain distance from your body, using the main nie with hands-free more,” advises Dr. Hausman.