Cell phone increases the risk of brain cancer?

Today, the com rka is probably already used by practically everyone, including several-year-old toddlers, who re recently stopped going to kindergarten. By the com rki we talk on the street, on the bus, or at home. The morning, noon, after p North. The lack of a phone puts us in anxiety j, bordering on obsession. However, there is much to suggest that it is sometimes worth putting down the camera.

The latest analysis by scientists z ł The researchers at the Institute of Occupational Medicine suggest that prolonged exposure to electromagnetic fields emitted by kom phones rkowe increases the risk of various cancers m zgu, including difficult-to-treat glioma.

Syndrome ł prof. Alicja Bortkiewicz of the Institute of Occupational Medicine in Lodz reviewed studies related to intracranial tumors (m zg, but also m.in. salivary glands or the auditory nerve) and phone use in the com rkowe. Ultimately assumed by scientist fairly strict criteria related to the methodology of conducting and publishing the study met 22 papers from peer-reviewed journals, with well-described exposure to the field emitted by the devices. These were so-called. clinic-control studies (where subjects are sick and healthy, who re are por nywane in terms of past exposure to an agent).

The analysis covered nearly 27,000. cases in cancer in and 50 thousand os b from the control group, in which The technology has been developed at low cost.

It turned out that in the group of os b, kt re used a phone in com rkowych longer than 10 years, the risk of cancer was by 46 percent. higher. In contrast, among the d os b, which re longer than 10 years were registered as subscribers by the operator (here there was no certainty that these people actually used their phones (w) the risk was 25%. higher. U os b, kt re using the phone with only one ear, the risk was 29 percent higher. higher.

– If we habitually use the phone only at the right ear, one p łkula m zgu is exposed more often. Consequently, the risk that something bad will happen is higher – m i prof. Alicja Bortkiewicz.

U os b, which re talk a lot on the phone, the risk of not only cancer increases, but there are Also various ailments. Previous research by prof. Bortkiewicz showed that in individuals b, kt re talking on the com phone rkowy in total by at least p ł hours a day, appear b headaches, impaired concentration and memory.

Prof. Bortkiewicz recommends a maximum of 30 minutes of conversation in telephone daily. Talk over the phone com rkowy should be avoided by children, because young structures m The tumors are more sensitive to electromagnetic waves emitted by phones. Ideally, toddlers should send text messages. – There was a commercial on TV about reading fairy tales by com hand and shown head The child’s cellphone, which here the phone was lying. This is not w og le recommended! – warns Prof. Bortkiewicz.

It is important to remember, however, that although the risk of developing cancer m zgu when using a com rkowe longer than 10 years, increases by 46 percent., Everything depends on the individual sensitivity of a person.

– It cannot be ruled out that even in humans, who The seniority of com rki have kr tszy, these changes will not occur. So far, however, these regularities have been caught only in the „long-distance ” – comments prof. Bortkiewicz.

At the same time, the scientist warns against excessive panic.

– However, these cancers are very rare. That’s why we did a meta-analysis, because it’s very difficult to capture these relationships on a small group. There is no need to fear that if I use a com phone rk for 20 years, something is bound to happen to me – concludes.