Scientists have developed an artificial uterus

The artificial uterus was successfully tested on prematurely born lambs. They have been in the artificial womb for more than a month and their developing j progressed properly. Researchers stress that their invention is significantly better than the incubator .

The artificial womb developed by U.S. researchers is actually a plastic bag filled with a suitable, specially formulated fluid, which ry resembles amniotic fluid. This fluid contains all the nutrients necessary for development. The bag is saturated with sensors and medical equipment. It also has access to oxygen.

Although the artificial uterus is still in the development stage, and human testing may not take place until a few years at the earliest, the product has already generated considerable interest. The invention could save many babies born too soon in the future.

Newborns born before 24 weeks of gestation have only 10 percent of the. chances for survival. Providing them with similar conditions that they had in the womb by the 28th week greatly increases their chance of survival. Incubators do not provide such conditions, but an artificial uterus can help here c and reduce the risk of complications.

Tests on baby sheep were successful. A prematurely born lamb was placed in an artificial uterus. The umbilical cord was connected to an oxygenation apparatus and isolated from light and pressure changes. After a month, normal development was found j lamb. The animal breathed properly and moved, and even began to grow wool. After the testing period, some of the lambs were killed and subjected to tests, in which the rych was also found to develop normally j – researchers detailed lnie cared about finding normal lung development and m zgu.

The oldest of the animals tested are over a year old and their divorces j proceeds most completely normally. Interestingly, scientists who The developers behind the invention did not have a grant available to them. Equipment with which re made artificial uterus they bought at aquarium, hardware and amateur stores in beer production.

Before the test on human prototype of artificial uterus needs to be refined.