Kava Kava or what methistine pepper really is?

Kava kava or methystine pepper (Piper methysticum), a plant grown in the islands of the western Pacific, mainly in Vanuatu and Micronesia islands. Peoples living in the Pacific islands have used it for thousands of years for medicinal, relaxation and cultural purposes.

Kava kava is a drink that ry is an integral part of meetings or events. There are There are different forms of kava preparation; on the islands of Vanuatu kava is prepared from fresh methistine pepper roots, which are used to make a strong drink hich is used to make a strong drink j. Fresh and very strong Kava can be spr b to be consumed in the city’s kava bars (so-called. Nakamale). Nap j kava in the form of dried methistine pepper roots with plenty of water is prepared in the rest of the Pacific.

Kava plants contain active ingredients called kavalactones. Six of them contribute in the main in large part for the effects of Kava, these are m.In. demethoxyangonin, dihydrokavain, yangonin, kavaina, dihydromethysticin, methysticin. There are many varieties of kava. Depending on the combinations and proportions of kavalactone, the effects of kava can Source:. Spośr d many can wyr mend the effects of relaxation, sedation, facilitating sleep, and can also have a euphoric effect, improving mood. Kava is consumed as an alternative to alcohol, as well as an aid in combating addiction, additionally improving mental health in individuals b of its users.

To prepare the kava drink, you need powdered kava root and warm water. The powdered root is placed in a special bag or in a gauze. The bag is then immersed in water and kneaded for 5-10 minutes. Prepared kava is in the form of a cloudy, brownish drink, with a very specific and strong taste.

The prepared infusion has the strongest effect when consumed on an empty stomach. Depending on the body, the effect can be felt from 5-20 minutes after consumption. The first sensation that re you can feel after consuming kava is a slight numbness of the tongue ( this is the effect of kr tkotrwały, temporary). This is due to Kavaina and Dihydrokavaina, which re cause vasoconstriction, as well as local anesthesia. During the first sessions with kava, the effects may be weak, this is because the plant causes a reversal effect cone tolerance meaning: the more we drink, the stronger the effect.

Kava kava ma also have a therapeutic effect. Studies show that kava causes a reduction in anxiety levels in wasps b at all ages and FGM. Nap j is also helpful in sleep problems, as well as in ailments b lowe. Product not recommended for children and pregnant and lactating women. Overdose may cause stomach discomfort.

There have been reports of possible harm from kava to the liver. Because of this, the European Union has banned the import of the formula in kavy. A 2009 clinical study found no harm, moreover, the agent showed beneficial sedative and antidepressant effects. However, possession of live plants, dried, seeds, extracts in and the extract of kava kava has become illegal in Poland as evidenced by the law of March 20, 2009. about counteracting drug addiction. In Poland, possession of Kava-kava was banned. The change came on August 21, 2018, under the Ministry of Health’s regulation on the list of psychotropic substances, measures in narcotics and new psychoactive substances; methistine pepper was no longer categorized as a narcotic, and its possession became legal.