How to protect yourself from ticks? Scientists confirm the effectiveness of permethrin

Tests conducted by experts from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have shown the remarkable effectiveness of permethrin against ticks. The substance affects the ability of ticks to move and makes them unable to bite.

An innocent walk in the woods can have unpleasant consequences for us. All due to ticks, which re spread many dangerous diseases b. The most dangerous of these are Lyme disease and tick-borne m zgu (KZM). Lyme disease is more common, but easier to detect. On top of that, it is a milder disease, susceptible to effective treatment with antibiotics. KZM according to many experts It is more dangerous. Neurotropic Virus, which ry treated only symptomatically. It can cause m inflammation zgu, tires m The nature of the parasite has been known since the late 1970s.

In a new study published in the pages of „Journal of Medical Entomology”, Center for Disease Control and Prevention scientists b (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – CDC) have shown that permethrin-soaked clothing can thwart ticks.

Permethrin is a synthetic form of the insectob he compound derived from the chrysanthemum flower. Its insectob Its nature has been known since the late 1970s., although research is still underway on its effects on different species. Permethrin is killed ycza for insects in, but relatively harmless to humans (it may cause mild irritation in some rych wasps (b) and other pets (except cats ).

The agent has been used for years in agriculture to protect plants. It is also used by breeders to control parasites in poultry. It is also used to clean food warehouses or apartments. Permethrin has also long been used by the US military in missions in tropical forests nik. It has been soaked into tents, mosquito nets or soldiers' uniforms.

But permethrin-soaked clothing has also been available in stores in the US for some time (in Poland, it is available in some rych stores with assortment for anglers and hunters, are also preparations used for impregnation). One of the manufacturer in advertises it as „mosquito repellent clothing, ticks, mr ks and flies”. According to the manufacturer, the product will remain on clothes even after 70 washes. It is this clothing that has been tested by scientists of the with the CDC.

– All species of ticks studied on At different stages of their lives, they experienced irritation after coming into contact with clothing impregnated with permethrin – said Lars Eisen, a CDC entomologist involved in the study. Researcher zwr ticks' life stages, for the reason that young ticks, called nymphs, feed for longer periods of time and are thought to transmit diseases more frequently.

Permethrin has a strong effect on the three most common tick species (Ixodes scapularis, Amblyomma americanum, Dermacentor variabilis). CDC researchers tested this in a series of experiments, during which rych on clothes impregnated with the agent placed ticks. Permethrin-treated clothing affects ticks' ability to move by slowing them down and reducing their ability to bite. This effect has previously been documented in only one tick species.

– During the study, we found that contact of ticks with permethrin-treated clothing – up to 5 minutes – caused loss of normal movement in all species tested In ticks, leaving them unable to bite – Essen explained, adding that further research will be conducted. – Ultimately, we would like to be able to present a more detailed HOLIDAY ings on the use of permethrin-treated clothing, including determining what types of clothing provide the best protection. Additional research in this area could improve public health recommendations – added the researcher.

Although the effect of the agent sion varied somewhat depending on the tick species, but researchers confirmed its effectiveness. The longer the tick was in contact with permethrin, the more effective it was on it.